Cologne Bonn Airport in Cologne, Germany

Not only is the Cologne Bonn Airport one of the most important international airports in Germany. Its location in the Cologne/Bonn Region also places it in close proximity to the Wahner Heide nature reserve, an unusual location for an airport, which is traditionally regarded as a source of pollution.

About Cologne

Cologne is, without the shadow of a doubt, a metropolis—the largest city in North Rhine-Westphalia and one of the largest in Europe, with over ten million inhabitants. It sits both to the left and to the right of the Rhine River. It comes in fourth in the chart of the largest cities in Germany, right after Berlin, Hamburg and Munich.

Since it’s such a large city, it has developed on several planes, not the least of which is that of education. The University of Cologne, called the Universität zu Köln in German, is one of the oldest and largest in Europe. It was founded in 1388 and, at the time, was the fourth university in the former Roman Empire, coming in after those in Prague, Vienna and Heidelberg.

The city’s main tourist attraction is the Cologne Cathedral, or Kölner Dom. It has a most fascinating history, as it was constantly under construction between 1248 and 1880 and was severely affected by bombing during World War II. It was finally repaired in 1956, but additions and improvements are still underway to this day.

Besides that, Cologne is also a major cultural hub. It hosts no less than thirty museums, hundreds of art galleries and lots of music clubs, which make up the picture of a vibrant nightlife and party scene. The exhibitions you can see in Cologne range from local archeological sites dating back to the time of the Roman occupation, but contemporary art is well represented as well, with exhibits in contemporary graphics and sculpture.

About the Cologne Bonn Airport

It’s easy to reach the Cologne Bonn Airport, no matter where in the region you live. It is centrally located, in the district of Porz, an area of the city of Cologne.

The airport stands out among others in Germany for the fact that not many airports in the country operate for twenty-four hours a day.

Its history begins in 1931, when the Wahner Heide military air training area operated its first reconnaissance flight. During the 1950s and 1960s, after being taken over by the British Military, the airport was expanded, in order to better accommodate civilian air traffic.

There are few destinations in Europe which are not available at this airport. You can fly to Greece, the Czech Republic, France, Bulgaria, Turkey, the Netherlands, Poland, etc.. Several of these destinations are only available on a seasonal basis. Additionally, many low cost carriers operate at the Cologne Bonn Airport.

Good to Know

Besides being an airport, the facility at Cologne Bonn also operates as a railway station on the Cologne-Frankfurt high-speed line. There are several long-distance high-speed trains available on this line, and one can also take the S-Bahn from here.

Another interesting feature of this airport is the fact that it acts as home for two German and European space agencies. Astronauts train here, and, in case of an aborted space shuttle flight from NASA, the shuttle can land here.


There is a great number of very varied shops at the airport, including fashion store, a tobacco shop and a kids’ store. The number of restaurants is even more impressive—it includes several fast-food joints, a piano bar, about five bars, a business lounge and many other locations you can explore before take-off or in-between flights. A bank and an ATM are also available on location, as are the information center and several health services.

Corporate events can be held at the conference center, which boasts a panoramic view of the apron, as well as high-tech equipment available for hire.

The airport also offers you the option of a late-night check-in for the flights of several airlines departing the following day.

Facilities are offered for disabled individuals. You can even do your dry cleaning at the airport and the VIP service pack includes the possibility to hold press conferences and trade events.

Official Website: Cologne Bonn Airport

Address: Cologne Bonn Airport, Portz, Cologne, Germany


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