Cardiff Airport in UK

Cardiff Airport is  one of the smallest traveler airports in the United Kingdom. The single terminal draws in just under 2 million passengers a year, small compared to some of the more urban airports in the country. Given the IATA code, CWL, Cardiff Airport is a common layover and final destination for vacationers looking to spend summer holidays in the south west part of the island.

Cardiff Airport was built about 19km outside the Cardiff town center in the 1940’s. Originally it was used as a British air base for the training of military pilots. These British Air Force pilots were trained to fly spitfire biplanes, with about fifty five planes kept on the base after construction was complete. Because it was completed in 1942, towards the end of World War 2, the base did not sustain much damage. Civilian travel company Aer Lingus saw the potential for the bases commercial use and got permission to begin running charter flights to Dublin in 1952.

Sightseeing near Cardiff Airport

With the city of Cardiff located near Cardiff Airport there are several tourist destinations nearby. Two of the most popular are the National Museum at Cardiff which is only 13 miles from the terminal. There is also another popular science museum and planetarium called Techniquest also located 13 miles away.

The Cardiff Airport Holiday in Express hotel and the Sky plaza hotel are both within a mile of the terminal; these are middle quality hotels offering rooms starting at 35 euros per night. Hotel and flight information can be found at the link below.

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